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 davinci_spectra-oranges-DV30_mainSpectra Oranges


Fruit and Vegetable Supplement to Promote Higher Energy Levels

Spectra Oranges with CoQ10 by DaVinci Laboratories provides powdered fruits and vegetables intended to help boost energy and support brain function.





100 Capsules, DaVinci

B-3 Support for Energy and Metabolism

Niacinamide from DaVinci Labs is a natural vitamin B-3 supplement that may help support your energy levels and fat metabolism, without the flushing that may accompany other B-3 supplements.

Your body requires niacinamide for the normal breakdown of fats and fatty acids and the release of energy from carbohydrates.



Gamma-Lin 500


180 Softgels, DaVinci

Gamma-Lin 500 from DaVinci Laboratories is a dietary supplement to support skin and nerve health, as well as premenstrual issues for women.

Gamma-Lin 500 is a pure, natural vegetable oil processed from the seeds of the Evening Primrose plant. Primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid needed for growth and development that has to be obtained from the diet.




Vitamin D3


90 Chewables

Healthy bones need vitamin D to properly use calcium and phosphorus.* Vitamin D helps regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption through the intestines, reduces kidney excretion of calcium, and regulates the amount of calcium in the bones.*

Vitamin D has been shown to enhance healthy cell replication and division, as well as influencing healthy glucose metabolism.



davinci_liposomal-melatonin-spray-DV1oz_mainLiposomal Melatonin Spray


1 Oz, DaVinci

DaVinci Laboratories Liposomal Melatonin Spray is a dietary supplement to support normal sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by your pineal gland, a small gland in your brain, to help manage your sleep and wake cycles.



mrm_melatonin-3mg-MRM-60_mainMelatonin 3 Mg


60 Vcaps, MRM


MRM Melatonin 3 Mg is a dietary supplement that promotes normal sleep patterns.

  • Promotes normal sleep cycle
  • Dictates sleep/wake cycle
  • Reduces the effects of jet lag

Produced by the pineal gland in the brain, melatonin regulates the circadian rhythm in your body, the internal clock that tells you when to sleep and when to stay awake.

Its secretion is determined by light and seasonal pattern.

After dark, the pineal gland produces more melatonin to promote sleep. And in daytime, it manufactures significantly less to support wakefulness.

Supplementation may help individuals who work night shifts, travel across multiple time zones, or have difficulty sleeping.